About Black Stag Copy

I used to be a buyer, working for some of the biggest names in retail. It was great and I enjoyed it. But that wasn’t enough. Now I do something even better and something that I love.

Now I capture concepts, thoughts and ideas and make sense of them through words. But it isn’t always about using long words with complicated spellings or tangling you up in a cat’s cradle of jargon. Sometimes it’s just about getting your message across – quickly, simply and to the point.

My work experience is more than the sum of my CV. It’s also about having an understanding of how organisations function, how people work and how to reach out to real customers. It means I know how to communicate. I know what tone of voice to use, I know how to persuade, coax and cajole or when to just lay it on the line.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of major website projects, from the initial concept right through to delivery and analysing its use. This has meant working with different people, with different opinions and putting together copy that is fit for purpose. I’ve also had the opportunity to contribute to corporate style guides and website maintenance strategies which ensures that your public face is consistent and professional.

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