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Examples of Copywriting Projects

Wirex – blog content for this provider of wallet solutions for digital money

I was commissioned to produce a series of blog entries on cryptocurrency from both a lifestyle perspective as well as discussing pertinent and topical issues. Visit Wirex 

Will Bitcoin rise again wirexapp-shoutout-women-making-waves-crypto-   wirexapp-what-can-cryptocurrency-technology-give-us-    Become less crypto obsessed  Bitcoin mining, a waste of energy_

Infotex – web copy for this Suffolk & London based digital agency

Providing case studies for this well established digital agency with offices in Suffolk and London that clearly demonstrated their ability to produce quality websites along with their expertise in client management, SEO and technical skills. In addition to providing content for their relaunched website, I provide client content when required. Visit Infotex

Infotex - Adnams case study Infotex - Crown BSU case study Infotex - Garden Trellis Co case study Infotex - Hill Farm case study Infotex - Scarlett & Mustard case study Infotex - Signals case study Infotex - Stockes case study Infotex - Swiss Farm case study


Wise Coffee Co. – web copy for a local, independent coffee business

An exciting new venture for a Suffolk family who decided to turn their passion for good quality coffee into a business. Wise Coffee Co. know their beans and wanted to share their knowledge and love for a decent brew. Getting to grips with coffee related terminology and understanding the importance of roast level, acidity and type of bean was both interesting and illuminating. Visit Wise Coffee Co.

Wise coffee co home page     Wise coffee co about us page     screencapture-wisecoffeeco-trade-1505725746462


SB for Home Improvements – web copy for this Norfolk based business

This was a brand new venture and creating web content for this independently owned and run business, was both rewarding and challenging.  There was a huge back catalogue of work and a vast number of skills to draw out and expand upon. We discussed tone of voice and style to portray the professionalism and work ethic of SB for Home Improvements. Visit SB for Home Improvements  

SB for home improvements


Compare the Market – articles and web page content for the UK’s largest comparison site

Compare the Market needed new content for their website which I was able to help them with, this later branched out to providing some news articles for them as well. Here are some examples of my work posted on their site:

screencapture-comparethemarket-car-insurance-content-travelling-home-for-christmas-1490792571098    screencapture-comparethemarket-car-insurance-content-a-guide-to-driverless-cars-1491335588672    screencapture-comparethemarket-car-insurance-content-a-guide-to-car-finance-1505394119444    screencapture-comparethemarket-life-insurance-content-critical-illness-1490793048189    screencapture-comparethemarket-car-insurance-content-panic-buys-from-service-stations-1490792427933    CTM a guide to mobile network operators    CTM Christmas markets    CTM new five pound note screencapture-comparethemarket-energy-renewable-1505395227814    screencapture-comparethemarket-energy-information-fixed-rate-1505395700742    screencapture-comparethemarket-car-insurance-guides-driving-on-the-left-1490792734620    screencapture-comparethemarket-pet-insurance-content-has-your-dog-been-chipped-1490793176864

Overland Marquees – review and rewrite of an existing website

Overland Marquees already had a website but it was old, disjointed and didn’t really reflect their target market. After discussing some ideas, their website has been completely reviewed and rewritten to reflect their vision and key customer base. Visit Overland Marquees

Overland home page Overland marquee styles Overland marquees

Anglia Revenues Partnership – review and rewrite of relaunched website

Anglia Revenues Partnership wanted to make their website clear, easy to understand and functional. Their existing site needed a complete content review. I worked with the partnership for several months to understand the nuances of local authority administered benefits to really understand how they worked and to find out what those eligible really needed to know. Visit the Anglia Revenues Partnership at

The ARP website is now being managed in house – here are some examples of my work:

screencapture-angliarevenues-gov-uk-services-counciltax-index-cfm-1505727415965    screencapture-angliarevenues-gov-uk-services-businessrates-how-are-business-rates-calculated-cfm-1505727352847    screencapture-angliarevenues-gov-uk-services-housingbenefits-lha-index-cfm-1505727532265


Precision Marketing – blogs and presentations for this Suffolk based marketing company

Precision Marketing wanted to inject some life into the blog entries featured on their website. After discussing the sort of subjects they’d like to cover I was able to help them produce blogs and presentations for them to post on their site.


Hadley Marquees – creating copy from scratch for this Suffolk based business

Hadley Marquees wanted copy that really expressed why they love doing what they do as well as getting across their professionalism. The copy has been tailored to suit each potential client base – corporate events, private parties and weddings.

Words were also revised to suit marketing tools such as leaflets. In this instance, an expanded version of what appeared on the website was designed to suit the message and audience they wanted to focus on. View the Hadley Marquees website for examples.



West Suffolk councilsoverhaul of two existing sites to create one

An exciting and complex project to redesign two council websites to create one ‘West Suffolk’ site. This project meant working with designers, project managers, content editors and IT.

My role was to completely review and rewrite existing content for an entirely new website that represented the shared services agenda for Forest Heath District Council and St Edmundsbury Borough Council. I worked with each service to ensure the content of their pages was relevant, accurate and clear. It meant balancing differing opinions, working within design parameters and adhering to a timetable.

I also worked on the launch of West Suffolk councils’ new intranet site. This project involved the review of three separate intranet sites in order to create one. The new intranet provides staff with ease of access and a logical and well structured hierarchy enabling them to navigate efficiently.

I have also been lucky enough to contribute to the councils’ style guide and website maintenance strategy. This meant getting to grips with the rationale behind the launch of the new website and developing and writing a plan that is easy to understand, follow and further develop in the future.

The West Suffolk councils website is now being managed in house, here are examples of my work:

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