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I’m good at getting to the point. Writing isn’t always about being hilarious, clever or tangling words into an impenetrable knot. Sometimes, you just need to get your message across. I’ve worked for large and small organisations and understand the pressures and demands of both, so here’s what I can do for you:

  • SEO driven web content – the majority of what I do involves creating quality, long-tail content with a focus on SEO.
  • Website reviews – an honest assessment of the written content on your website. I’m also able to review and rewrite elements, provide a complete overhaul or produce copy from scratch for start-ups. 
  • Report writing – getting to the crux of the issue, utilising data sources to compile insightful, evidence-based pieces. 
  • Thought leadership commentary – researching topics to create thought provoking opinion that invites conversation.
  • Business blogs – covering a range of topics for a broad consumer audience. 

My main experience lies in creating SEO driven content for websites. I’ve covered a vast range of topics but my specialisms are insurance and personal finance.   

I’ve also been part of major projects to overhaul websites of over 1,500 pages each. That means reading them, understanding them and re writing them, all within a specific time frame. It’s also meant working with design agencies, IT specialists and project managers and tailoring a result that meets a variety of agendas.

I’ve worked with leading entrepreneurs and family businesses but my focus is always on helping individuals speak to their audience. From compiling reports, producing timely editorials or creating stories that inspire readers and customers, I’ll help you drive your business and expand its reach with original and informative content. 

Contact me if you want to find out more about how I can help you get your words out.

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