West Suffolk Council – overhaul of two existing sites to create one

An exciting and complex project to redesign two council websites to create one ‘West Suffolk’ site. This project meant working with designers, project managers, content editors and IT.

My role was to completely review and rewrite existing content for an entirely new website that represented the shared services agenda for Forest Heath District Council and St Edmundsbury Borough Council. I worked with each service to ensure the content of their pages was relevant, accurate and clear. It meant balancing differing opinions, working within design parameters and adhering to a timetable.

I also worked on the launch of the West Suffolk Council new intranet site. This project involved the review of three separate intranet sites in order to create one. The new intranet provides staff with ease of access and a logical and well structured hierarchy enabling them to navigate efficiently.

I have also been lucky enough to contribute to the councils’ style guide and website maintenance strategy. This meant getting to grips with the rationale behind the launch of the new website and developing and writing a plan that is easy to understand, follow and further develop in the future.

The West Suffolk Council website is now being managed in house.

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